Our service

Mojomoto provide ready to use design sketches and graphics for the global fashion industry. Our very telented designers live and work within Europe, UK or America and they all have a professional design degree from one of the European or American design schools.


Ready to use means, all sketch designs and graphics include tech pack information.


Mojomoto collaborates with the best designers in Europe and America. We make sure to provide high quality designs that you can download and use to prepare samples right away.


Our team of designers are up to date on the latest trends in the fashion world for Women, Men and Kids wear to provide the latest designs, season colors and fabric qualities for you to use directly for sample development.



If you do not find what you are looking for in our range, we will gladly help you to make special designs based on your brief. This service is with no financial commitment from you as a registered user of Mojomoto.eu.


All our designs are delivered via download as a digital zip file or pdf file. The prints are made in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. All print files are divided into separate color layers, making it easy to change the print colors. If a print file is not divided into colors, it will appear on the product page as "digital print".

We aim to be the best in the market, therefore all our print files are quality tested to avoid errors. Our products are of the highest standard and are ready for use as soon as you download them.


Our designs are unique and can only be purchased once. As soon as you have purchased a design file, it will automatically be removed from mojomoto.eu to prevent others from purchasing the same design.


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If you have any questions please dont hesitate to send us an Mojomoto support